Recent Scholarship Recipients

Education paves the way for continued growth and improvement. By investing in scholarships for our youth, we are investing in a better future for our community. Thanks to all the generous donors that make this possible!

2024 Scholarship Recipients

Adam Murphy Scholarship
Jack Jubar, $2,000

Alberta Muzzin Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Lilly Walker, $1,130

Bethany Lutheran Church Scholarship
Claire Allen, $600
Logan Kibbey, $600
Maxwell Smith, $600

Craig L. Rasmussen Memorial Scholarship
Julia Reed, $2,000
Jack Stidham, $2,000
Mackenzie Keillor, $2,000
Haley Hanger, $8,000
Jessie Barison, $2,000

Danny McCarty Memorial Scholarship
Mackenzie Keillor, $1,000

Dr. Charles A. Paukstis Scholarship
Olivia Andersen, $2,280

Drs. Ruth & John Carney & Irene Carney Kendrick Memorial Scholarship
Karlee Plamondon, $4,000
Will Chye, $2,000
Jack Stidham, $2,000
Priscilla Johnson, $2,000
Isabella Dotson, $2,000
Mackenzie Keillor, $2,000
Lillian Dickinson, $2,000
Brayden Overmyer, $2,000
Reece Ward, $2,000
Yebeletal Boerema, $2,000

Elmer & Rose Peterson Memorial Scholarship
Fisher Wallman, $1,000

Emily & Frank Smiddy Scholarship
Ashley McPike, $40,000

Epworth Fund for Ludington Scholarship
Logan Hill, $8,000
Wren Nelson, $8,000
Clayton Shoup, $8,000

Everett J. Liebetreu Education Scholarship
Alaina White, $1,000
Sawyer Smith, $1,000
Loretta Mallison, $2,000
Lauren Knizacky, $1,500
Hannah Knizacky, $600
William Chye, $1,500

George Dila Memorial Scholarship
Jesus Castillo, $4,335
Jack Jubar, $4,335

Hamlin Lake Preservation Society Fund
Kennady Tyler, $1,000

Joe Lancour Memorial Scholarship
Mayce Genter, $1,000
Kaeden Carlsen, $1,000

Knizacky Family Memorial Scholarship
Abby Fay, $4,000

Lee Shipman Engineering Scholarship
Erica Hatch, $6,500

Lee Shipman WSCC Scholarship
Gabrielle Johnson, $3,000

LHS Class of ’59 Scholarship
Mason Marrison, $1,500
Melena Eaton, $1,500

Ludington Education Association Scholarship
Will James, $1,050

Ludington Rotary Scholarship
Jack Jubar – $16,000

Ludington Rotary STRIVE Scholarship
Anja Gietzen – $2,000
Darius Byrd – $1,500
Aiden Malburg – $750
Joseph Gustafson – $500
William Richardson – $250

Marlene Schoenberger Scholarship
Athena Dila, $2,180

Mason-Oceana-Manistee Board of Realtors Scholarship
Leilani Vanloocke, $1,000

Merry E. Petersen Memorial Scholarship
Mayce Genter, $500

Michael & Rebecca Magee Scholarship
Raiden Wolf, $1,000

Miller Family Scholarship
Alexander Mosher, $1,000

Noble Arent Memorial Scholarship
Lillian Dickinson, $500

Oceana/MSU Alumni Scholarship
Sky Tang, $2,000

The Oriole Foundation Cronenwett Family Scholarship
Hannah Glanville, $1,000

The Oriole Foundation Michael Oakes Memorial Scholarship
William Luce, $1,000

The Oriole Foundation Paula & Art Janouseck Memorial Scholarship
Claire Allen, $1,000

Richard & Helen Daron Scholarship
Ayla King, $1,630

Rick & Mary Ann Randall Scholarship
Kristin Sanborn, $1,500
Jayden Baker, $1,000
Morgan Sanocki, $1,000
Lauren Knizacky, $1,000
Hannah Knizacky, $1,000
Cydney Schmock, $1,000

Robert J. & Norma E. Bazzett Scholarship
Sky Tang, $3,000
Rylee Hardenburgh, $3,000

Sharon Bradley-Johnson & Carl Johnson Scholarship
Grace Johnston, $1,000

Thomas Thompson Family Scholarship
Karli Mesyar, $2,250
Kylie Sailor, $2,250

Virginia Scott Memorial Scholarship
Danielle Bray, $2,000

West Shore Community College Foundation Scholarship
Amari George, $1,000
Danielle Bray, $1,000
Genevieve Lux, $1,000
Madison Vernier, $1,000
Riley Mast, $1,000

Questions about our scholarship program? Call Andrea Large, executive director at 231.845.0326 or Martha Samuel, Community Foundation for Muskegon County scholarship program officer at 231.332.4118.

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