Our Vision & Priorities

All grants from the Community Foundation will reflect our vision, to build a vibrant community with great opportunities for all.

Strategic Grantmaking Priorities

The Community Foundation’s vision was reaffirmed in 2021, when the Community Foundation began a strategic planning process to guide where we could make the largest impact with our investments of grant dollars, community engagement, and advocacy. The process involved surveying our stakeholders, community leaders, nonprofit organizations, donors, trustees, Youth Advisory Council, volunteers, and staff to determine the areas of focus. The planning process resulted in three strategic goals:

Advance Educational Attainment (Education)

  • Create a career education culture – college (bachelor/associate), trade school, certificate, and apprenticeship
  • Educational equity – post-secondary education access for all
  • Increase education program completion – college (bachelor/associate), trade school, certificate, and apprenticeship

Improve Workforce Supports (Community and Economic Development)

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Removing barriers to financial independence for all

Increase Recreation and Quality of Life Opportunities (Community Development)

  • Parks and Beautification
  • Community Gathering Spaces
  • Arts and Culture

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Grant Guidelines

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Applying for a Grant

All applications for grants must be submitted to us electronically, via our online application process, GLM.

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