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Epworth Gives Back to the Community Cottagers Call Home

In 2006, Epworth posed a powerful question to the Ludington community: What do you need?
Community members responded with a request for scholarships and nonprofit support. Epworth cottagers immediately began fundraising, and the Epworth Fund for Ludington was born.
Within two years, the fund committee awarded its first scholarship. To date, the Epworth Fund for Ludington has awarded $107,250 in scholarships to Mason County graduates who go on to attend an accredited 2- or 4-year college. Today, each scholarship is a $2,000/year commitment for four years, totaling $8,000, making it one of the most significant Mason County scholarships available.
The Epworth Fund for Ludington also generously supports education, cultural and civic organizations, programs and projects, and social services organizations in Mason County. The fund typically awards grants of $1,500/year with a commitment of up to 3 years and is currently supporting the Pere Marquette Conservation Park, Kickstart to Career Mason County, the Chamber Leadership Program, and Blue Hat Ministries.
Since its inception, the Epworth Fund for Ludington has awarded $87,240 in grants to Mason County organizations.
Current Epworth Fund Chair Cathy Hunt took over leading the Epworth Fund for Ludington Committee in 2017, succeeding fund founder, Sid McKnight, Jr. who died in 2019.
Cathy reflects on her Ludington roots when considering why Epworth continues fundraising and giving to their Mason County neighbors. “My brother and sister and I always said that we felt like our cottage was more ‘home’ than home. It was the constant in our lives.” She believes this collective sense of home compels Epworth residents to keep returning — and giving.
When Cathy contemplates a legacy left by McKnight, his fellow cottagers, and the Epworth Fund for Ludington, she wants people to remember Epworth “…loved the [Ludington] community so much that they wanted to give back; they wanted to support the community in the way the community wanted to be supported which is what [Epworth’s] point was from the get-go…WHAT DO YOU NEED?”
Click here to give a gift to support the Epworth Fund for Ludington Committee’s efforts. We are grateful for our Epworth friends!