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Ludrock’s Legacy Impacts Youth Forever

In the heart of Ludington, Michigan, a tradition rooted in friendship and music blossomed years ago. What started as a gathering of Ludington High School graduates and self-proclaimed “misfits” playing music in the City Park over the Fourth of July flourished into an annual celebration known as Ludrock. 

From its humble beginnings, Ludrock grew into a two-day extravaganza, uniting diverse talents and supporting local nonprofits. 

“It was like a variety show,” said Ed Santarelli, Ludrock Board President. “Everyone from kids to professionals came. It was so inclusive.”

The Ludrock group donated their inaugural year’s proceeds of $507 to the Ludington Area Center for the Arts (LACA). This sparked the beginning of a meaningful partnership. LACA became the home base for Ludrock, nurturing their passion for music and community engagement.

Each year, 8-10 area nonprofits benefited from Ludrock, including COVE, Staircase for Youth, Ludington Schools Teen Resource Center, the Bob Parker Music Enrichment Fund, and Connexion Point. Ludrock’s passion for youth and music compelled the group to purchase ukuleles and fund a performance stage for Sandcastles Children’s Museum.

The Ludrock committee also raised funds for the LACA performance hall. Together, the groups turned the hall into a space where Ludrock would cohost additional fundraisers, including Girls Rock, Night of Fright, and wrestling. “We’ve given to almost every nonprofit in Ludington,” said Nanette Kibbey-Scribner, Ludrock Board Treasurer.

After hosting their 10th and final show in July 2023, Ludrock’s board, now mostly retired individuals in their sixties, contemplated how to establish a lasting impact. Their solution emerged through collaboration with the Community Foundation for Mason County, where they established a committee-advised fund to support youth-focused projects. Starting next school year, Ludrock will sponsor the KickStart to Career Child-Savings program for fifth graders. 

Through their fund, Ludrock’s legacy will endure, positively influencing the youth of our community for generations to come. Whether it’s providing scholarships for students to attend the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, supplying musical instruments to those in need, or contributing to KickStart child savings accounts for post-secondary education, Nanette emphasized, “It’s all about helping the youth in our community succeed.”

If you want to learn more about creating your legacy, contact Andrea Large at or 231.845.0326.