Support local nonprofits on Match Day 2020!

Match Day is now closed. Thank you for your generosity!

What is Match Day?

Match Day, developed by the Community Foundation for Mason County, in partnership with Pennies from Heaven Foundation and Metalworks, is designed to provide operating support including wages and salaries, rent, utilities, etc. for organizations impacted by COVID-19. These nonprofits have been invited to participate, and a complete list of participating organizations can be found below.

What is a "proportional" match, and how does it work?

The match pool is seeded by a $30,000 grant from the Community Foundation for Mason County and is currently at $90,000 with donations from Pennies from Heaven Foundation and Metalworks. We expect it to grow even more by Match Day. Match dollars will be distributed proportionally across all participating organizations. Gifts of up to $1,000 per donor, per organization, will qualify for the match. Donors are welcome to give more, but only the first $1,000 per organization will be matched.

Example: Donor A gives a total of $3,000 – $1,000 each to United Way, Salvation Army, and Ludington Area Center for the Arts; the entire $3,000 qualifies for the match. Donor B gives $3,000 to United Way; only $1,000 qualifies to be matched.

How do I donate?

The Community Foundation’s online giving portal will go live at 12:00am on August 5th! Check back then and click HERE to donate.

Donors should be encouraged to give online, but for those who cannot/will not, organizations may collect checks made payable to your organization and dated August 5. Your organization may then provide a check log to the Foundation by 7 p.m. on 8/5/2020 for gifts to qualify for the match. All gifts must be collected on or before August 5, 2020 to qualify for the match.


Which nonprofits are participating?

The following organizations will be participating in Match Day 2020.

Circle Rocking S Children’s Farm Connexion Point Communities Overcoming Violent Encounters
Habitat for Humanity Harbor Hospice Foundation Hospitality in the Name of Christ
HELP Ministries Lakeshore Food Club Ludington Area Center for the Arts
Mason County Historical Society Mason-Lake Conservation District Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association
Salvation Army Sandcastles Children’s Museum United Way of Mason County
Western Michigan Fair Association



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