Feasibility Study: Community Survey for Multigenerational Community Center

Survey will be live through June 30, 2024

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Our group is seeking input to measure community interest in exploring the potential for a new multigenerational community center for people of all ages to enjoy social, cultural, recreational, fitness, and educational activities. Your input is vital as we explore the possibility of creating this type of development in Mason County.

Survey will be live through June 30, 2024

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Who is spearheading this effort?

On September 7, 2022, individuals representing various community organizations and agencies, all with an interest in community recreation and services, met to share thoughts and ideas. As a result of this meeting a project team was formed. This team, the Community Center Exploration Committee (CCEC) began their work by identifying experts to conduct a feasibility study, is now beginning countywide outreach to determine the level of interest and support for a new multi-generational community center within Mason County.

The CCEC has engaged a consulting firm to conduct the feasibility study. PROS Consulting is a well-established firm with expertise and experience in helping communities develop multi-generational community centers, including several in Michigan.


To ensure a thorough and inclusive process, we have outlined several phases for exploring the development of a new multigenerational community center. Your feedback during these phases is crucial in shaping the future of this potential project.

Here are the phases we will follow:

    • Determine if there is interest to conduct a feasibility study.
    • Secure funding for a feasibility study & hire consultants to perform this work.
    • Hold focus groups to gain initial feedback on the potential for the project.
    • WE ARE HERE —> Create a survey to be taken by area residents and stakeholders providing input about the potential idea of a multi-gen. community center.
    • Compile survey data and have the feasibility consultant review other local/regional conditions to be considered as part of the final report.
    • Review/present the final report to the stakeholder groups and community.
    • Determine next steps regarding the future of the project.
    • The community survey along with other gathered data will be compiled and presented, and the community partners/stakeholder groups will determine the next steps (if any) to proceed forward.

At this time, the community survey is the most critical component to gather feedback from the community to determine next steps moving forward.

  • How did the idea of a new multi-generational community center begin?
    Answer:  On September 7, 2022, individuals representing various community organizations and agencies, all met in response to sentiments expressed regarding the need for expanded recreational space, amenities, and activities in the community. This convening of partners led to the formation of a smaller committee, tasked with determining the feasibility and level of interest to support a new multi-generational community center within Mason County.

    How will a location for the community center be determined?
    Answer:  The feasibility study begins with a process to determine community needs, potential programs, and facilities to meet space requirements. These factors will be used to evaluate locations compatible with community interests, market demographics, visibility, accessibility, transportation options, and acquisition/development costs.

    How would a new community center be funded?
    Answer:  There are several ways to generate funds for building and operating a community center. Potential options include grants, corporate sponsorships, membership, program and event fees, facility rentals, tournaments, fundraisers, bonds, taxes, donations, and endowments. Ultimately, the funding strategy depends on the community’s needs, size, collaborative nature, and the business model chosen.

    Who would own the new facility?
    Answer:  Ownership has yet to be determined at this phase of the study. Community centers can be owned and operated under various models, each with advantages and challenges. Carefully assessing community needs, financial resources, project partners, management capabilities and risks is key for choosing the right approach. The project team’s advisors, PROS Consulting, are highly experienced in this area. They will evaluate potential ownership models for consideration which may include, government owned, public/private partnerships, non-profit organizations, cooperatives, and Community Land Trusts.

    Who is paying for the feasibility study?
    Answer: The cost of the feasibility study ($28,000) is being shared by a total of six entities: Community Foundation for Mason County ($5,000), City of Ludington ($5,000), Corewell Health ($5,000), Ludington Public Schools ($5,000), Pere Marquette Township ($4,000) and Hamlin Township ($4,000).

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