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Youth Advisory Council: Lake Jump 2023 Beneficiary

For over twenty years, our surrounding community has come together to support and participate in the Ludington Lake Jump to raise money for worthy causes. Over $600,000 has been raised and contributed to local charities through this unique fundraiser. This year the 2023 Ludington Lake Jump will benefit The Youth Advisory Council of Mason County, and the Pennies from Heaven Foundation has generously offered $30,000 in matching funds. We are so grateful for their support. Come jump in the lake with us and support our YAC on Saturday, April 22!

The Youth Advisory Council is composed of 23 students from local high schools who serve our community through philanthropy. Twice a year the YAC grants money from their special endowment to local teachers and community organizations to fund various needs. Additionally, every three years the YAC conducts a needs assessment of their peers. Last year local youth responded, and the following needs became apparent:

  1. Teen stress
  2. Mental health
  3. Substance abuse

In response to these needs, the YAC made it their goal this year to create a Public Service Announcement on teen stress to share in our local schools, on social media, and in our local movie theater. In the fall, the YAC went on a retreat to work on the beginning phases of the PSA. In the late spring they will film the PSA at our local state park and it will go public this summer.

Money from the Lake Jump will go directly toward the production and distribution of the PSA on teen stress. The remaining amount will go toward building our endowment to increase funds available for community and teacher mini-grants thus growing the impact of addressing local student needs. Click the links below for more information on how you can make an impact through donation or sponsorship.

Click here to make a donation to support the YAC Lake Jump Fund.