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KickStart to Career: Fall 2022 Deposit Days

Fall KickStart to Career (K2C) Deposit Days were a huge success! We are so thankful to the West Shore Bank branches in Scottville and downtown Ludington, and Safe Harbor Credit Union, for hosting students from across the county to make their deposits on November 16 and 17. Both banking institutions were excited to provide a lesson in financial planning to our students after they made their deposits. “It was great to hear how much knowledge the kids have gained from participating in the Kick Start to Career Program,” Tracy Walle, Safe Harbor Credit Union Business Relations Specialist, said. “It means that this program is working, and we are making a difference in their future.”

This was the first Deposit Day experience for our newest kindergarten cohort. Not only do these students have an opportunity to bring in their own savings, but their accounts are also given an initial seed deposit of $50 through the John and Anita Wilson Family Fund. The Wilsons have generously agreed to fund the initial deposit annually through their Donor Advised Fund, ensuring the longevity of K2C in Mason County.

Local businesses and groups are also impacting the KickStart to Career program by donating incentive funds as grade level sponsors. They stepped up in big ways this fall by donating over $5,600 toward student savings accounts. Joe Knowles, Scottville Optimist Club President, said “The program provides financial support and education to the children in our communities, which is directly in line with our mission.  We’re so glad we were able to partner with the Optimist Club of Ludington to offer more incentives to our Mason County second graders.”

Over the course of two days, students deposited a total of $7,967.48 with a 49% participation rate. This was an increase of 12% from the previous year. Julie Van Dyke, KickStart to Career Coordinator, expressed excitement regarding the success of the day, “Watching our seasoned third graders in their fourth year in the K2C program this fall was so fun,” she said. “Not only are they growing in height and maturity, but their engagement and feedback in the financial planning lessons this fall proves that their level of knowledge of the value of savings has definitely grown as well.”

This fall, the total amount deposited to student KickStart to Career Child Savings Accounts from students, donors, and community members was over $28,300! The support of our community allows programs like KickStart to Career to thrive. Each fall and spring the K2C program is looking for community partners to sponsor incentive dollars for each grade level, provide piggybanks to the incoming kindergarten cohort, and more.

If you or your organization would like more information on how you can impact the KickStart to Career program, please contact Julie Van Dyke at, or 231.233.6867.